What technical websites do you follow?

Regardless of your answer, you may find some guidance here.

It’s the 21st century and technology (including computer-related) continues to advance at an accelerated rate. It’s good to be in the loop. One good way to do that is to know where to the right blogs.

There’s a sea of websites and blogs dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest in technology. If you’re wondering how to choose which ones to check out, this blog can help you with that.

Top Tech Blogs to Consider

When making a list of top tech blogs, there are many candidates that could have been mentioned. For the sake of scaling down the list to a reasonable length, the focus was to strike a balance between the popularity of a brand/site and a diversity of what information was offered.
Not all sites are focused on just technical blogging – although those listed will have at least have a strong focus. Also, the list of key players selected is presented in no particular order.


One of the most well-known and trusted stops for technical blogs, CNET covers a broad range of content – from appliances to computers to web hosting. It distributes reviews across its site, RSS feed, podcasts, and social media. They’ve been doing this for a while – with thousands of reviews under their belts – and are a trusted source for advice when it comes to consumer buying.


Starting out as a computer magazine published in the early 1980s, PCMag evolved into an online presence in the mid-90s. With decades of experience in product reviews (and previews) – particularly for PC gamers – they have a long history that touches a broad range of computer technology.
Though much of the reviews and how-to blogs revolve around the PC, you can find other areas to delve into – such as internet, iOS & Android devices and tech news. There are also resources dedicated to business-oriented blogs, as well as a branded shop for finding deals.


Formerly known as “ZiffNet” (in the early 1990s), today ZDNet has become more focused on trends, technology, and news that matter to IT professionals. If you’re looking for something more geared toward current and future tech articles than (let’s say) product reviews, this might be the blogs you’re looking for.

Tom’s Guide

Formerly known as Gear Digest (and owned by the same company that owns Tom’s Hardware), Tom’s Guide is a one-stop site for product reviews, deals, and how-to blogs. The reviews can typically be detailed and range all over the technical map – laptops, security, networking and so one.
If your preference on subject matter involves drilling into specs, this might be the place for you.


Another brand with roots in the 1980s, PCWorld started out as a published computer magazine – later transitioning to a digital (online-only) presence.
As the name implies, the blogs and articles are typically PC centric. The focus includes Windows PCs, Android machines/devices and just about any related hardware. PC Gaming is still a big draw for a core audience.

Their site has news, how-to blogs, reviews and so on – with steaming on Atlas, Twitch, and YouTube.


Proclaimed to be the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site, TechRadar has quickly expanded into the US and Australia.
The site might be a good stop if you’re looking for detailed how-to blogs. There are also buying guides and special deals that cover a broad range of technology.

Digital Trends

Shortly after the turn of the century, the founders (Dan & Ian) were dedicated to getting their hands on the latest tech devices and providing reviews. Their efforts later became Digital Trends and (besides product reviews) grew to include technology news and trends. The articles tend to focus less on the technical minutia and more on how technology/products affect everyday life.

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