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Is Solve iQ safe to install?

Yes Solve iQ is safe to install we are certified through and you can learn more about on our Software Principles page.

SOLVE iQ takes pride in the fact that we are open and transparent with our users and we strive to project that with the partners we have relationships with. We feel it is important to create strong long lasting partners that reflect our same values in terms of putting the user first and providing only top tier products and services.

Which common driver issues does Solve iQ fix?

  • Solve Iq Software has Device Driver Matching Technology to help with the following examples:
    • Printer Drivers
    • Webcam Drivers
    • Sound Drivers
    • Wifi Drivers
    • Video Drivers
    • Mouse/Keyboard Drivers
    • and more!
  • Plus these added features!
  • Deceptive Software Detection and Protection
  • Windows System Optimization Services
  • Just-In-Time Software Optimization Service (Maximize the software you use most)
  • System Clean Up Tool (Free up space on your PC, removing unnecessary files)
  • Patented User-Intent and Contextual Delivery of Productivity Enhancements In Real-Time

Get the most out of your tech ALL of the time!

Do I need a subscription to use Solve iQ?

Yes, a subscription is required to enable all the features of Solve iQ. Solve iQ is an ongoing service that includes system and application optimizations, enhanced security features, system file cleaning, unlimited support for any of your home PC devices, and more. This small monthly fee can be a major savings to you; other similar service providers can cost $250-$500 a year or more!

With Solve iQ you get the piece of mind knowing that you have a professional support technician available to you 7 days a week to help you with any PC related issues you are having in your home. Plus, our drive monitoring service will keep your Windows PC device drivers up-to-date and working at peak performance, reducing the frustration of having to search online; saving you time and money.

Which Windows operating systems does Solve iQ work on?

Solve iQ software can run on all the most popular Windows OS versions including Windows 11, 10, and 8.

Our software is working for you where-ever you are. At home, at your favorite coffee shop, or wherever your travels take you. We’re always a couple of clicks away. Our real-time device monitoring ensures that we deliver to our protection promise on a continuous basis.  So you know your productivity will be improved.

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