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Additional instructions below


Your remote assisted support technician has completed their work.  Everything should now be working as per your request.

To review the work performed or further assistance, please use one of the two options below to get back to you support technician:


–  CHAT online (recommended – use the chat widget at bottom right of page)

–  Call toll-free (855) 354-4801


If you feel like everything is working properly and your issues are all resolved you, please leave us a review by clicking below!

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As a reminder, your service plan includes:

– Per-app optimization to make you more productive.

– Unlimited device (eg. printer, video, audio, etc) updates to keep your hardware working at its best.

– Faster web surfing with PageBoost.

– DNS protection preventing unintentional visits to malware domains.

– Deceptive app protection that stops crapware from slowing you down.

– And of course, unlimited support any time you need it! ????

Thank you,
Solve iQ  Signature Service