More Support, Less Need For Customer Service
Fewer PC Issues Means Fewer
Low-Value Customer Support Contacts
Deliver Device Solutions in
Real-Time to Drive Adoption
and Effectiveness
Minimize Support Demand
Caused by Low-Value Apps
and Malware
Deliver Patented Performance
Enhancements And
Personalized Solutions

Proactively Reduce Customer Support Costs

Increase Performance
And Customer Satisfaction

Our patented ‘Just-In-Time’ engine delivers better out-of-the-box performance with fewer customer service calls. Solve iQ provides performance enhancements with every app launch, networks change event, and other high impact user-initiated events.

Minimize Device-Related Support

Reduce support contacts and increase customer success rates on your high-traffic support pages. Solve iQ lets you deliver drivers and other device-centric solutions with every Plug-And-Play event and other user-behavior-based triggers.

Reduce Resolution Time

Display Customer Self-Service History And Relevant Telemetry To Arm Your Agents With One-Click Remote Connections And Solution Push Capabilities.

Expand Customer Protection

Proactively Reduce The Biggest Driver Of Performance-Related Customer Support Calls: Exposure To The Apps And Malware Sites That Kill PC Performance.

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