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Hello Customer Satisfaction

A patented solution that improves CSAT by delivering enhanced, effortless experiences.

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More Support, Less Need For Customer Service

Fewer PC Issues Means Fewer Low-Value Customer Support Contacts.
Solve iQ makes your apps run faster in real time
Deliver Device Solutions in Real-Time to Drive Adoption and Effectiveness.
Solve iQ automatically fixes and updates your computer
Minimize Support Demand Caused by Low-Value Apps and Malware.
Deliver Patented Performance Enhancements And Personalized Solutions.

If support costs or CSAT are still challenging you, we’re here to help.

Proactively Reduce Customer Support Costs

Increase Performance And Customer Satisfaction

Our patented ‘Just-In-Time’ engine delivers better out-of-the-box performance with fewer customer service calls. Solve iQ provides performance enhancements with every app launch, networks change event, and other high impact user-initiated events.

Minimize Device-Related Support

Reduce support contacts and increase customer success rates on your high-traffic support pages. Solve iQ lets you deliver drivers and other device-centric solutions with every Plug-And-Play event and other user-behavior-based triggers.

Reduce Resolution Time

Display Customer Self-Service History And Relevant Telemetry To Arm Your Agents With One-Click Remote Connections And Solution Push Capabilities.

Expand Customer Protection

Proactively Reduce The Biggest Driver Of Performance-Related Customer Support Calls: Exposure To The Apps And Malware Sites That Kill PC Performance.

Case Studies

See the many ways Solve iQ can help your business save time and money.

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