Hello Safer and Faster Internet
Eliminate Internet Distractions

PageBoost Blocks Pop-Up and
Banner Ads, So Employees
Can Focus On Work

Increase Page Load Times And
Enjoy An Internet That’s
Up To 40% Faster

Protect Your Business By
Blocking Abusive Ads And
Reduce “Malvertising”

Gain Control Of What Other
Companies See And Know
About Your Business

Faster Web Browsing & More Secure For Your Business

PageBoost blocks most video ads, pop-ups, and banners. Blocking these from loading on sites you browse helps keep your information more private

Improve page load times and browsing speed. We can make this possible by stopping bloated scripts and code from loading on your desktop browser. Up to 50% page load improvements are possible!


Want to feel safer when your online? Block abusive ads and make it harder for bad actors to track you from websites. Hello Peace of Mind!

Tired of advertisers following you around the internet and pestering you with ads? Get back control what companies know about you.

World-Class Customer Support That’s There When You Need It.
Bryan Kearns

Technician updated and fixed my printer driver. He was very helpful and easy to talk to. I am very happy with his service.
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Louise Julien
David was very thorough in troubleshooting my issue and was even patient when I was cooking! 5 star service… Although we couldn’t fix it as it was a hardware issue! He went above and beyond! Thanks David ????
Bri Thai

I had PC speed issues but they ran through everything and left my machine in a much better place……excellent service – thanks so much
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